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French for expats in Brussels

You live in Brussels and feel your level of French doesn't allow you to enjoy fully your life here?

You have basic notions of French but not enough to hold a conversation?

You know French quite well but don't feel confident to use it in everyday life?

Or you just want to practice more spoken French with a native speaker?

I'm here to help!


Class Timetable
Conversation for expats

Sunday: in classroom

11h-12h: A2- B1

12h-13h: B2- C1

Tuesday: on Zoom

18h-19h: A2-B1

19h-20h: B2-C1

3-6 students each class (maximum 10 students).

This class is for adults from 16 years old.

How does it work?

Each class, we will discuss a topic related to everyday life in Brussels or current news. Students discuss based on a list of questions or do role plays in specific situations. I will fix your pronunciation, provide you with necessary vocabulary and grammar to upgrade your French speaking skills. I also act as a facilitator to keep the conversation going and make sure everyone participate in the discussion.

At the end of the class, I will provide each student my  personalised feedback and what they can improve for the next session.


About the teacher

My name is Gilles

I was born here in Brussels and will be happy to share some French with you. The language may seem difficult but it's more fun than you think!


Ralf, Germany

J'apprécie vraiment Gilles en tant que professeur de langues, car les langues sont clairement une grande passion pour lui. C' est un coach en langues très efficace et agréable. Au-delà de l'apprentissage des langues, j'attends avec impatience chaque leçon, car j'apprécie également l'échange avec lui et son attitude toujours ouverte.

Kris, Chicago

Merci Gilles pour tes leçons vivantes et toujours intéressantes


Vidya, India

I realized how many mistakes I made when speaking French by having conversational classes with Gilles! It's hard to use 'le', 'la' and to conjugate some verbs. Gilles patiently wrote down my errors and explained them all to me.

Naoko, Japan

Gilles gives lively lessons, always based on real life and he adapts the topics to the student's needs. I wanted to have help with paperwork and he spent two lessons until I could finally get it done. And he also knows some Japanese which makes the communication smoother!


1H French group class

12 €


Valable 3 mois

5H French group classes

50 €


Valable 3 mois

Best Value

10H French group classes

90 €


Valable 6 mois


Avenue Georges Henri 392

1200 Woluwe-Saint-Lambert


(+32) 476 057 647


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